How to Add Load More Posts Button in WordPress Website

13/12/2017 – 112 views

Do you want to know how to add load more posts button in a WordPress website?Generally  Most of the popular platforms allow users to load more posts when they reach to the bottom of the page. It is an easy and light-weight plugin for adding a Load More Posts button to your WordPress blog posts. It provides fast and simple options for integrating the Load More Posts button logically into your site’s existing design.


When and Why Add Load More Posts Button in WordPress websites
You can seen that most of the  blogs use the  credulous ‘Older posts’ navigation link at the end of their home, blog, and archive pages. Most of the websites use numeric page navigation which adds more context.

Basically, there are certain type of websites that can benefit immensely from infinite scroll or load more posts button.  Some examples are given : listicles, viral content websites and photography websites. When you  loading a whole new page, ‘load more posts’ button works like infinite scroll. Almost it uses a JavaScript to easily fetch the next set of content. It refine user experience and gives them a chance to view more of your content.

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