How to setup google analytics account Contact Customer Service Number

25/11/2017 – 117 views

To create a Google Analytics account:

1.Go to Google Analytics at (bookmark this page)
2.Sign in using your Google account
3.Click on “Admin” on the top nav bar. It’s the far right menu item.
4.On the left side menu, click on “Create new account.”
5.On the resulting page, there is a simple form (shown below) to complete. Enter the following info:
– Account Name (this name is what you’ll call this particular account, e.g., “Atlanta Tech Blogs”)
– The complete website url, e.g.,
– Choose an industry category, your country, and your time zone.
6.Agree (or not) to the opt-in choices at the bottom.
7.Click the “Get Tracking ID” button.
8.Copy, paste, and save this code, which looks something like UA-12345678-9. You will need it to complete the connection to each of the blog platforms.

This is now short method to create google analytics account if you want to know more visit here either contact on google analytics customer service phone number 1-855-486-4299