$39, 900 @Ganymede Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90065 4, 740 sqft Residential V

1/4/2016 – 247 views

$39,900 @Ganymede Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90065
4,740 sqft
Residential Vacant Land "For Sale by Owner"

VAC/Ganymede Drive Los Angeles CA 90065

Own this property for a one time payment of only $39,900
Assessed for more than $70,000

Available for Terms: $43,900
Owner financing! Guaranteed Approval! No credit check!
$5000 down payment and only $1,081/month for 3 years!

4,740 sq.ft. 52 x 84 x 114 x 54

Residential vacant land in Los Angeles City. Only 5 miles away from Dodgers Stadium!

Payment/Terms: Down payment and Processing fee accepted via cashier's check, credit card, or wire transfer.

Processing Fee: A nominal documentation/closing fee of $1000 will be added to the down payment on this property. Contract, map, and other information will be mailed to purchaser upon receipt of payment.

Q. Do you have pictures of this property?
A. Any photos we have of the property are posted in the listing. Most listings include pictures from the surrounding area, but we may not have any actual photos of the property. If they are not in the listing, we do not have them. Q. How do I get to this property?
A. Most of our listings include Aerial Maps showing the specific location of the properties. You should be able to locate the property from these maps.
Q. Should I look at the property prior to buying?
A. Yes, we have not seen some of our properties and it is your responsibility to make sure that this particular property suits your needs.
Q. When do I get my deed to the property?
A. Once we receive payment in full, we will mail you within 7-14 days of receipt of payment.
Q. If I have a question not answered in the listing, who do I need to speak to?
A. We have provided as much information as we have on the property. Everything that we know about the property is in the listing. Questions on zoning, building restrictions, property address, location, driving directions, etc. can be answered by speaking with the LA County Offices.

The land is being sold "as-is where-is" with no warranties either expressed or implied. Buyer is responsible to do his/her due diligence prior to purchasing the property.

  • Square feet
  • 4,740 sq.ft. 52 x 84 x 114 x 54
$39, 900 @Ganymede Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90065 4, 740 sqft Residential V $39, 900  @Ganymede Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90065 4, 740 sqft Residential V 39 900 ganymede drive los angeles ca 900654 740 sqftresidential vacant land for sale by owner property addressvac ganymede drive los angeles ca 90065own thi 7 10 star based on 247 reviews $ 39,000 BUY NOW!