Ms Pacman Galaga Pac man upright video arcade game brand new

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Address:Round Lake, IL 60073 (map)

Date Posted:07/11/16


This is a brand new Ms Pac-man cabinet ,made in USA ,same style as original but not over 30 years old ,new artwork ,new glass ,new electric .

The game cabinet has 60 games system in side .You will have Ms Pacman , Pac man , Galaga,Donkey Kong ,Frogger ...all 80s Classic arcade game .One year parts warranty .

This game dimension is 24.5" W x33"D x68" H ,200 lbs ,same size ,style as original Ms Pacman Galaga full size cabinet.

60 games list:

Ms Pacman, Pacman , Galaga ,Donkey Kong,Donkey Kong Jr ,Frogger,Space Invaders,Centipede,Burger Time,Dig Dug,1942,1943,MrDo,Donkey Kong 3,Galaxian,Galaga3,Gyruss,Tank Battalion,Lady Bug,Mappy,Millipede,Jr Pacman,Pengo,Phoenix,Time Pilot,Super Cobra,Husler,Space Panic,Super Breakout,New Rally X,Aranoid,QIX,Juno First,Xevious,MR Do's Castle,Moon Cresta,Pinball Action,Scramble,Super Pacman,Bomb jack,Shao-Lin's Road,King& Balloon,Van Van Car,Pacman Plus,Dig Dug 2,Amidar,Zaxxon,Pooyan,Pieiads ,Gun Smoke,The End,1943 Kai,Congo Bongo,Jumping Jack,MsPacman Fast,Pacman fast,Jr Pacman fast,Galaga fast,Pacman Plus Fast.

You can try to game before you buy,pick up games in Round Lake 60073 .

Many different artwork and control panel to choice from .

Cabinet is black from factory ,I can add any artwork you like .

$1500 full reunion artwork ,new coin door .

$1450 full reunion artwork ,new service door .

$1400 Galaga artwork ,new coin door .

$1350 Galaga artwork ,new service door .

$1300 ,New Marquee(Many marquee to choice from ) ,bezel,control panel artwork ,no side art ,black cabinet .new service door

If you like to add trackball ,$100 more .

Local delivery and set up is available for an additional charge .

We can ship to New York City New York ,Hawaii and Alaska ,will cost more ,ship to New York City, New York and Hawaii cost about $250-300 more ,have not shipped any game to Alaska yet ,

Any questions,please call 847 927 six two one 3 or email.

Ms Pacman Galaga Pac man upright video arcade game brand new Ms Pacman Galaga Pac man upright video arcade game brand new price 1 300address round lake il 60073 map date posted 07 11 16description this is a brand new ms pac man cabinet made in usa same style as original but not 7 10 star based on 266 reviews $ 1,300 BUY NOW!