New commercial Ms Pac man Galaga cocktail table video arcade game

31/8/2016 – 183 views


Address:Round Lake, IL 60073 (map)

Date Posted:07/11/16


New Ms Pacman Galaga cocktail table game ,it has 60 games system inside .

You will have Ms Pacman , Pac man , Galaga,Donkey Kong ,Frogger ...all 80s Classic arcade game .One year parts warranty .

This is a brand new ,reproduction of 1980s Ms Pacman cocktail cabinet ,made in USA,cabinet is made by local,cabinet maker ,same size ,style as original but not over 30 years old ,new artwork ,new glass ,new electric .

Cherry and black cabinet are available right now.

Cash and carry ,no check or credit card please .

Game for free play only ,no coin door $1000 .

Game with a coin door $1100 .Coin door is working, take quarters , new lock,keys ,game can be set COIN OPERATED for you business or FREE PLAY for you home game room .

It will be great for your small business like vacation home rental ,coin operated self service Laundromat ,car wash ,oil change ,dentist office ,pizza shop or any business customers have to wait .

60 games list:

Ms Pacman, Pacman , Galaga ,Donkey Kong,Donkey Kong Jr ,Frogger,Space Invaders,Centipede,Burger Time,Dig Dug,1942,1943,MrDo,Donkey Kong 3,Galaxian,Galaga3,Gyruss,Tank Battalion,Lady Bug,Mappy,Millipede,Jr Pacman,Pengo,Phoenix,Time Pilot,Super Cobra,Husler,Space Panic,Super Breakout,New Rally X,Aranoid,QIX,Juno First,Xevious,MR Do's Castle,Moon Cresta,Pinball Action,Scramble,Super Pacman,Bomb jack,Shao-Lin's Road,King& Balloon,Van Van Car,Pacman Plus,Dig Dug 2,Amidar,Zaxxon,Pooyan,Pieiads<Gun Smoke,The End,1943 Kai,Congo Bongo,Jumping Jack,MsPacman Fast,Pacman fast,Jr Pacman fast,Galaga fast,Pacman Plus Fast.

We offer one year parts and labor warranty in our shop or one year parts exchange warranty for this game.

This game is very easy to service,most parts can be removed with a screw driver.

We have free phone and email tech support during and after the warranty,this game has all commercial quality arcade parts, you can find parts very easy from any arcade parts vendors or from us.

New 1/4" real glass on top,new glass clips.

You can play this game before you buy,pick up games in Round Lake 60073 .

Local delivery and set up is available for an additional charge .

We can also ship to anywhere in US for $250,exclude New York City, New York ,Hawaii and Alaska ,

We can ship to New York City New York ,Hawaii and Alaska ,will cost more ,ship to New York City, New York and Hawaii cost about $250-300 more ,have not shipped any game to Alaska yet ,

Any questions,please call 847 927 six two one 3 or email.

New commercial Ms Pac man Galaga cocktail table video arcade game New commercial Ms Pac man Galaga cocktail table video arcade game price 1 000address round lake il 60073 map date posted 07 11 16description new ms pacman galaga cocktail table game it has 60 games system inside you will h 7 10 star based on 183 reviews $ 1,000 BUY NOW!